Baptism For The Remission Of Sins Essay

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Most denominations of Christianity believe in some sort of baptism for the forgiveness of sins whether it be sprinkling or infant baptism or immersion in water. This essay will cover the argument that true baptism for the remission of sins is by complete immersion in water. Starting with, a brief background and an establishment that the bible is inspired by god and it is a reputable source to pattern our lives by. Then continuing to define the terms of the argument and really get to understand what the argument is and why it is significant. Then finally we will look at the argument itself and prove that complete immersion in water is necessary for salvation.
Getting started with a brief background and establishment that the bible which is the main source for this argument is the inspired word of God. The bible is the most popular book of all time. it would be nearly impossible to count how many copies of this book have been printed since the book was put into circulation. This book took 1600 years to write and was written by 40 different authors(Harden). In the world, today there are over a thousand different languages that the bible has been translated to(Harden). So why is this book so important, and what is its inspiration?
Why is the Bible important? This is a question that must be answered before continuing to other parts of this argument. The bible is important because it is the only book that is Inspired by God. In 2 Timothy chapter three verses sixteen and seventeen…

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