Banning Unhealthy Food In Schools

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Over the years, obesity has increased all over the world and has affected mostly children. The temptation of sweets, fast food, and other unhealthy snacks has been the major cause of obesity in children especially due to the lack of resistance towards these foods. Doctors around the globe have tried finding various solutions to help reduce obesity and have reached two possible solutions. The two solutions that doctors have figured out are banning unhealthy foods in school and replacing it with healthier options or increasing physical activity for children. Both solutions present promising results, but the solution of increasing physical activity in children is the best solution to this problem because of the efficient results it has on children. While attending school, every student looks forward to pizza day or grabbing a …show more content…
In 2005, the issue about nutrition in school was first addressed when California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, signed bills banning the sale of junk foods and sodas in schools. Later, many other states began their proposal for more nutritious food options in school, but in 2010 the goal for more unhealthy foods in schools began taking shape. In 2010, First Lady, Michelle Obama, launched her Lets Move! program which promoted healthy eating for children. After her launch, Michelle Obama started her campaign for banning junk foods in schools by meeting with different senators and preparing a bill. Finally, in 2014, the US Department of Agriculture passed new regulations which banned the sale of junk foods in all schools, limited the calorie count in school lunches and also added more vegetables and fruits to lunches (Ballaro and Griswold). Recently obesity in America has remained stable at seventeen percent, but many are hopefully that with these regulations that the obesity rate will reduce

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