Essay Banning Smoking On Ohio University 's Campus

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Zamzam Albulushi
July1,2015 Banning Smoking on Ohio University’s Campus
Ohio University president, Roderick McDavis (2015) stated that “We will join more than 1,000 campuses nationwide who ban the use of tobacco on their campuses,”(Lee). Banning smoking will help make the campus area healthy by encouraging the smokers to quit smoking, Ohio University decided to ban smoking on any campus property. The University campus will begin the Smoke and Tobacco-Free Initiative policy in August 2015. The policy will impose by using "a community model” (Hill, 2015). This means that each member at Ohio University will be responsible for endorsing the policy. Moreover, Ohio University hopes the campus becomes healthier without tobacco. This policy will affect many on Ohio University’s campus. However, the ban on smoking will be ineffective for many reasons.
First, according to a Tobacco-Free Initiative flyer, in order to ban tobacco, smokers should be given the opportunity to be warned, given advice, or asked if they are interested in tobacco or not (2015). When the Smoke and Tobacco-Free Initiative policy is enacted, smokers may pull themselves from that habit without any force. However, this may be rare and therefore may not be a success. The policy states, “Students and staff will be encouraged to remind anyone seen smoking on campus about the policy”(Hill, 2015), however the application of this is simply not practical. For example, I am not a smoker,…

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