Bandwagon Essay

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The screaming blue and silver middle-aged guy stands in the stadium yelling, “You suck, Romo!” at the distant field.His wife rolls her eyes, knowing that her faith in Romo will never die, no matter how many interceptions he throws. Their son, who has just dedicated the season to the Broncos because they are Super Bowl Defending champs, scowls at his obviously crazy father. Another manic Sunday at Cowboy Stadium. There are three different kinds of fans who enjoy American football: the crazed football fans, the bandwagon fans, and the diehard fans.
Crazed football fans are some of the most fun to see.These people paint, dress up, or put glitter on there there bodys in team colors to show their crazy and ridiculous support for their favorite football
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The Arizona Cardinals fans are the most bandwagon fans by studies. Emory University had a study to figure out what NFL team had the most bandwagon fans. The Arizona Cardinals fans are the most responsive to winning percentage. Also the definition for bandwagon in sports means supporting a team when the team is being successful.(Bandwagon Definition - Google Search) The word itself explains everything that is need to know about the fans. These fans just like to be real fans when their team or the team they go for is winning. In the definition it also says that its effect is copycat behavior. How you can tell bandwagon fans by things they say or do.(How To Identify A Bandwagon Fan) Some ways you can tell if someone is just on the bandwagon is if they don’t know who works or plays for the team. There are other ways like if they know their past and how good or bad they used to be. The other way is seeing how many other teams they like. The bandwagon fan is the worst now on to the best. These are the diehard fans. The diehard fans are the most loyal of these fans. The diehard definition says a lot. “A person who strongly opposes change or who continues to support something in spite of opposition.” this definition applies to these fans because no matter how bad or good their team is they still will like them and support them. These people try not to miss watching a game and they don’t change from team to team they like them no matter what. The fans that go to as mean games as they can rain,sleet, or snow.(Football Fans: The Fair Weather Fan) These fans go to the games no matter the weather. They also come to the late night games that they know they won’t be home early enough to be able to wake up the next morning for work. These fans also go to the games they play overseas if their team does that year. Ways you can tell someone is a diehard fan.("Five Ways To Know You 're A Die-Hard (NFL) Football ) These fans never leave a

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