Ban On Tobacco Advertisements By The Government Of India Essay example

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Ban on Tobacco Ads by the Government of India
Feb.6 2001 announcement of proposed bill banning tobacco companies from product ads and sponsoring sports and cultural events and prepare to launch anti-tobacco program. This led to Government`s ethical aspect of moral policing debate, The proposed Tobacco Ads ban by the government of India is a measure to protect it`s citizens welfare. Although there has been commercial benefits from the Tobacco Industries this led to questions about government`s decision is it ethical or commercial favour as a result of this ban. Does Government has the right to intervene in matters of citizen`s free choice?
Arguments in favor of the Ban
Those in support of this decision cited the example of drugs which is internationally banned.
Other country that banned Tobacco products ads are Belgium 1981, French 1991
Statistics of Death rate from World Health Organization is in the increasing rate.
Citing examples from other countries abroad like Norway, Finland, New Zealand and France shows that a ban on Tobacco Ads had significantly affected the consumption of Tobacco product in other words cigarette smoking per capital consumption dropped with the range of -14% to -37%. Other health organization statistical record shows similar result, but this effect was possible because of the proper implementation as part of the tobacco control policy.
This ban by government would be effective if it is all media and use of brand names and logos inclusive as…

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