Bad Sleeping Habits And Disorders Essay

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Some of the most heinous crimes are committed when individuals neglect one of their most basic needs: sleep. Not only are crimes committed but lives are destroyed through a variety of sleep disorders. Bad sleeping habits and disorders can ruin relationships, health, and general wellbeing. Where is law enforcement when a hard working mother struggles to get a good night’s sleep because of her spouse’s constant snoring? Who is there when someone sleeps their life away? How can a man live with himself when he goes out into the night and kills a man? One man has taken it upon himself to tackle this worldwide epidemic. One man has decided to combat parasomnia through unconventional methods. This man is William Baker, known primarily as the Nightman. William Baker led a normal life until an accident fell upon him. In order to get his degree in neuroscience, Baker had to pay for his own college tuition. In order to do this he took up a job as a truck driver. One night on one of his runs delivering pillows to Bed, Bath and Beyond, a car sped in his lane resulting in a head on collision. With cosmic luck, Baker had survived the crash as sheets of flying metal were slowed down by a myriad of pillows. The cushioned metal impacted his frontal lobe. Baker woke up for seemingly the last time to find out the deceased driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and was a known victim of narcolepsy. Baker, a medical student, knew that there was not much hope in terms of treating insomnia.…

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