Personal Narrative: Public School Vs. Private School

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A time period when I experienced failure started when I transferred to a public school in seventh grade. I had just started my second year in middle school and wasn’t sure what I was going to expect from coming from a private school. I was not sure what kind of classes I was going to have because private school is completely different than public school. At the beginning of my seventh-grade year, I started off doing good the tragedy struck my family. On September 6th, 2010, I remember my mom picking me up from school that day and telling me to don’t shocked when we get home there are workers in our house cleaning up damage from a flooding that occurred that morning while mom was taken me and my brother to school. My washing machine had overflown …show more content…
I did not care about school as much as I should have because of what I had happened in my life losing my house for a period of time and losing two people in my family that I loved. I just didn’t care about my grades and trying to learn in school I was miserable my grades weren’t as good as I knew that should’ve been, but I did not know by having good grades in seventh grade would determine the classes I would have my eighth-grade year. When I was in eighth grade I began to start caring about school more than I did in seventh grade I started to do better in my classes and I started to improve better on my standardize tests. When it came to High School my freshman year I started challenging myself more taking harder classes such as honors and advanced placement courses. I wanted to really challenge myself in school because I am the type of person that loves to take on challenges that I know will help me improve in school and help me be prepared for college when it comes my way.
In conclusion, Having these dramatic events that occurred in my life when I was younger have shown me that I they were not the reason why I didn’t do well in middle school, they showed me I was a big part of not doing my best. I know that I am not on the top of my class or make straight A’s all the time like a lot of students do but, I will push myself and challenge myself

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