Bad Education In Vietnam

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As I studied my country 's geography, my teacher said that Vietnam has a lot of natural resources such as coal, forest, sea and mineral resources. Even more, Vietnam never has any disaster like Japan. However, I keep wondering why Vietnam does not have a good economy, and it is still supposed to be a poor country while it has such these convenience conditions. In my opinion, poor education is one of the reasons which leads to the low-income country.
There are many reasons which lead to the poor education in Vietnam, and one of them is the way student study. Most of the student in my country choose to learn by heart on many subjects. They set their mind that as long as they remember all the information on a certain subject, they can get a good
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In their mind, they think that the only way to get good jobs is getting good grades in school. That is why they try to do anything to get good grades, even cheating. In the exam, student cheats a lot, and it happens to most of the students, even smart students. A survey shows that out of 10 students, there are about 9 students cheat when they were in school. Cheating can be met at any level of school, from elementary school to college. In my country, cheating is not a big deal, and people get used to it. Unlike America, cheating is a big and serious problem. In America, when a class has an exam, most of the student do it by themselves. It is hard to find a student who cheats. One reason is because there are many serious punishment for students who are caught of being cheated. They can even be kicked out of school if they doing so. That is why the student is not dare to …show more content…
First of all, there are too many information are given that student have to learn each lesson. I would say one year study in Vietnam equal two years study in the US. How different it is! When students study too many new lesson, they do not have time to practice and be an expert in on subject. They have to divide their attention to many subjects that they have to learn all the same time. In my country, each year in high school, we have to learn no less than 13 subjects. A big number, isn 't it? Sometimes we feel overwhelmed whenever the final exams are coming. America teacher give the student a few new information in each lesson and give them time to practice and get to know them well. In contrast, in my school, there are too many information are given at the same time in each lesson, and the teacher do not have time to let student practice or teachers do not even have enough time to teach the whole lesson. Also, the school institution does not give students many lab lesson. Student can study history or government in class, but it is better for them to have lab lesson on chemistry or physics. However, most of the time student have to stay in class and study these subjects. As I know, in America, student will have a lab lesson each week, but we have only two to three lab lesson each semester. It is not enough for us to get experiences of how to do these subjects.

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