Bad Breath Speech

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Fight Bad Breath with Household Ingredients

Commonly referred to as Bad breath or foul mouth odor; malodor is a big turn off. It becomes very difficult to have a conversation with a person whose breath emits a foul odor. A person who suffers from bad breath also feels very embarrassed when people cover their nose or look elsewhere while talking to them.

So what causes bad breath?
Apart from poor oral hygiene, bad breath is caused due to many other factors such as gum disease, cavities, cracked fillings and tonsils. People suffering from chronic bronchitis, diabetes, respiratory tract infections and liver disease also suffer from bad breath. Many a times a stomach infection also affects the odor of your mouth. Dentists are of the opinion
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There are many household ingredients that are present in our homes and these are more trustworthy than any chemical mouthwashes.

Here are a few household ingredients that can help to get rid of bad breath:
1. Cloves – Cloves have a slightly pungent taste that electrifies the tongue. This is due to the presence of eugenol, which has antibacterial properties. Take 3-4 cloves and chew them for some time. It gives you a fresher breath instantly. Clove can also be taken in the form of tea.
2. Fennel seeds - These seeds contain antimicrobial properties and thus help to kill the bacteria that produce foul odor in our mouth. Just chew on a tablespoon of fennel after each meal and freshen up your mouth. Fennel also helps to stimulate the production of saliva. Fennel, when eaten with sugar, gives an excellent taste and also aids in digestion.
3. Parsley - Parsley helps to produce certain enzymes which deodorize the breath and get rid of the foul smell. This, however, is not a cure for bad breath. It can only remove the smell for a little
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Green Tea – Green tea has become increasingly popular in the last decade or so. Studies have shown that this new found beverage is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants – polyphenols help to kill various compounds in our mouth, which are responsible for bad breath and other dental problems such as mouth cancer and tooth decay.
5. Mint – Chewing mint leaves is a great way to cover up the foul odor in an emergency situation but it isn’t a long term cure. Fresh mint leaves have a very strong taste that conceals the bad breath.
6. Basil – Basil leaves contain a very high quantity of antimicrobial flavonoids, which help to prevent bacteria, fungi and viruses from entering our body. Basil has antibiotic properties and hence it obstructs the microorganisms from causing havoc in our mouth.
7. Cinnamon – An essential oil derived from cinnamon effectively kills the bacteria in the mouth. The main compound present in cinnamon – cinnamic aldehyde is responsible for killing the oral bacteria. You can easily prepare your own homemade cinnamon mouthwash using cinnamon powder, cardamom and bay leaves. This mouthwash will freshen your mouth and kill all the harmful

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