Trench Mouth Research Paper

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Trench Mouth

Trench mouth is a sudden (acute) infection that affects the gum tissue between your teeth (gingivitis). This infection quickly kills the gum tissue and causes painful sores (ulceration). Trench mouth causes very bad gum pain, very bad breath, and bleeding gums. The infection is not passed from person to person.

The mouth normally contains a balance of all the germs growing in it. An unhealthy mouth environment allows these bacteria to grow out of control, which upsets the balance and causes trench mouth.

This condition is more likely to develop in people:
• Who are between the ages of 18–35.
• Who have any condition that can upset the balance of bacteria in the mouth, such as thrush (Candidiasis) or cold
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• Red, swollen gums that bleed easily.
• Ulcerations of gum tissue between the teeth.
• Very bad breath and a foul taste in the mouth.
• Fever.
• Swollen neck glands.
• Fatigue.
• A gray or yellow film in the mouth from a buildup of dead tissue (pseudomembrane).

This condition is diagnosed with a medical history and physical exam. You may also have other tests, including:
• X-rays of your face and teeth. These check for disease in your sinuses and tooth roots.
• Collecting a sample of fluid from your throat to be checked under a microscope for overgrowth of bacteria (cultures).

The most important treatment for trench mouth is to have your teeth and gums thoroughly cleaned by an oral health care provider. During this cleaning, any dead tissue and pseudomembrane will be removed (debridement). This cleaning may be done using topical or injected medicine (local anesthesia) to numb your mouth. You may need to have debridement several times until the infection clears up.
Other treatments include:
• Using mouthwashes that contain antibiotic medicines, numbing medicines, or

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