Bad Boys by Arnette Ferguson Essay

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Paige Kahalnik Sociology Bad Boys paper

In the book, Bad Boys, Ann Arnett Ferguson goes on a three-year journey through Rosa Parks Elementary School to observe and research why it is that mostly black males are ending up in jail and are unsalvageable from such a young age. She interviews and observes daily interactions with the eleven and twelve year old students that have been labeled “at risk” by their teachers and peers. She wants to research how it is being in school when all of the educators have already labeled them as “unsalvagable, at risk, and bound for jail”. These kids pretty much act in the way that their teachers treat them. They get into trouble every single day and most of the times these boys provoke it because
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At first, Ferguson rejected this point of view and said that that was not going to be true. After further research and observation, Ferguson definitely looked at the situation differently. She said, “While I rejected the labeling practices of the school vice principal , in my opening chapter, I also reluctantly admitted that by the end of school year, I too had come to suspect that a prison cell might have a place in the future of many Rosa Parks students” (page 230). These boys have adopted the way that people treat them and it has such a negative effect on them that they are probably heading to jail. They are all being punished so much and isolated from the classroom that they aren’t learning anything throughout the days. They don’t have many social interactions and don’t have full access to resources that are needed. Educators might not see it, but they are a big reason that these children and being put behind bars and not meeting expectations that white boys meet. They are treated differently than white boys from such a young age, so they just start to “act black” like how everyone else thinks they should. They know they are getting treated differently, so they just keep it that way. Most of the people that end up in jail are usually African American boys. If these “bad boys” weren’t treated like they are some kind of poison, maybe they wouldn’t be behind bars as life goes on for them.
African American boys have to seem masculine every

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