The Dark Criminalization Of Black And Latino Male Youth

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“One-fourth of college students surveyed at the University of California say racism is no longer a problem in the U.S.” (Kingkade, 2015). This may be hard to believe with highly publicized cases such as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner. Racism is still very much alive and is still a problem in the United States. After examining two articles, it is apparent that Ron Christie’s Justice Was Served in Ferguson—This Isn’t Jim Crow America and Victor M. Rios’s The Hyper-Criminalization of Black and Latino Male Youth in the Era of Mass Incarceration rhetorical situations differ in; stance, audience and purpose, but share a similarity in the issue.

After reading both articles it is apparent that each author displayed a different stance. Christie’s attitude throughout the article could be viewed as a cynical and condemning. Christie’s views come from viewing the violent riots and looting in Ferguson after to the grand jury’s decision to not convict Darren Wilson. Christie says protestors are seeking justice “against Wilson for killing the “gentle giant” teen”. And are overlooking the evidence due to his or her ideology than considering the facts perceived by the grand jury (Christie, 2014). Which is why he “never believed that the gathering protesters gathered in Ferguson were seeking justice or a peaceful resolution” (Christie, 2014). Instead Christie believes that people are overlooking the facts, and are playing into an era of the harsh racial America that Rep John

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