Essay about Plessy V. Ferguson And Brown V Board

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Within every average history class, there is a discussion on Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. Board due to the precedents they set and the history behind them. In short summary, Plessy v. Ferguson all started due to a black man, who often passed as white, sitting in the white section of a train. When he refused to get up, he was prosecuted and the precedent of “separate but equal” was set creating separate spaces for blacks and whites, that were meant to have “equal” amenities. After a hundred years of this segregation, Brown v. Board reversed this rule by stating that separate is not equal, especially in the case for schools. A class action suit against the Kansas School Board after black children was denied going to white schools near their house and instead of being forced to go to black schools further away with insufficient materials and space (Urofsky 275-290). While these cases are well known in common conversation, the average person does not always understand the depth of the cases. While the idea of separate but equal seems unfair and inherently racist for multiple reasons the idea of separation did not mean inequality. Integration itself is not always equality, especially in the case of schooling as seen in the last fifty years or so since Brown v. Board. Before Brown v. Board, blacks and whites were not allowed to go to the same schools due to the precedent set a hundred years prior with Plessy v. Ferguson. While the schools themselves were not fair in…

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