Baby Mills : The Truth Behind The Puppies Selling By Pet Stores

726 Words Oct 15th, 2014 3 Pages
Stephanie Banfield, who is the author of “The Truth Behind That Doggie in the Window”, claims the truth behind the puppies selling by pet stores. She points out that “puppy mills” breed doggies as many as they possibly can, and provide badly environment for doggies’ living to earn much more money. Finally,She finds several ways to encourage people to avoid purchasing dogs from “puppy mills”, and these methods are educating consumers, suggesting costumers to avoid buying from pet stores and to adopt homeless puppies. I agree the ideas she says, and I believe, instead of using the power of legal systems to stop puppy mills, educating consumers and giving them some advice are more effectively. Banfield thinks the first way to resist puppy mills is educating consumers. To begin with, it is necessary to teach costumers about the detriments of buying doggies from puppy mills, and also to achieve this educational goal could through several approaches. Firstly, “puppy mills” which belongs to mills, factories, only desire to breed dogs and make money as many as they possibly can, and to make profits by producing and selling puppies as moneymaking items. Furthermore, the dogs, which come from puppy mills, are horribly unhealthy. The article named “11 facts about puppy mills” and mentions that because of abominable environments with devoid food and limited activities, a large number of puppies are underdevelopment, and almost of them get different kinds of genetic diseases at…

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