BUS 365 Chapter 9: All Possible Questions

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Register to read the introduction… Characteristics of resources that can help firms create a competitive advantage are all of the following except:
a) appropriability
b) governance
c) rarity
d) value 16. Why is it insufficient to develop a long-term IT strategy and not reexamine the strategy on a regular basis?
a) Systems need to be maintained
b) To keep the CIO part of the executive team
c) Organizational goals change over time
d) To automate business processes 17. The __________ is a group of managers and staff representing various organizational units that is set up to establish IT priorities and to ensure that the IS department is meeting the needs of the enterprise.
a) corporate steering committee
b) board of directors
c) executive suite
d) audit team 18. Based on case studies, the types of work that are not readily offshored include the following:
a) Work that has been routinized
b) Business activities that rely on an common combination of specific application-domain knowledge
c) Situations that would expose the client company to too much data security or privacy risks
d) All of the above 19. For best results, an organization’s strategic IT plan is based on __________.
a) IT governance
b) cloud
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Business service management is an approach for linking __________ or metrics of IT to business goals to determine the impact on the business.
a) key performance indicators (KPIs)
b) critical success factors (CSFs)
c) scorecards
d) financials 22. What do managers use KPIs for?
a) To measure real-time performance
b) To predict future results
c) To measure results of past activity
d) All of the above 23. __________ are the most essential things that must go right, or be closely tracked, to ensure the organization's survival and success.
a) Key performance indicators (KPIs)
b) Critical success factors (CSFs)
c) Scorecards
d) Financials 24. Which is not one of the characteristics of critical success factors (CSFs)?
a) Organizations in the same industry have the same CSFs.
b) The CSF approach was developed to help identify the information needs of managers.
c) The fundamental assumption is that in every organization there are three to six key factors that, if done well, will result in the organization's success.
d) The failure of these factors will result in some degree of failure at the organization. 25. __________ is used in planning situations that involve much uncertainty, like that of IT in general and e-commerce in

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