Essay on Ayn Rand and The American Dream

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Ayn Rand and The American Dream Living in Europe during the 1900’s was a difficult time period. Many people immigrated to the United States and tried living the American Dream. The American Dream is where people come to America and have a goal set in their mind and they want to achieve it by coming to America, because America makes dreams come true. One of these people that succeeded was Alisa Rosenbaum, or as most people call her Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand was one of the numerous people who lived the American dream. Ayn Rand was born on February 2, 1905. She was born in Petrograd, Russia. She was a advanced child who was reading and writing by the age of six. At the age of nine, she was determined to become a …show more content…
This new government was made up of Soviets. It was led by the Bolsheviks. Ayn Rand saw people shot in the streets and it was very bloody. Her experiences strongly influenced her personal and intellectual evolution. (“Rand,” Current).
After witnessing the revolution, and seeing her father to working in a Soviet store, she went to the University of Petrograd, and graduated in history at the age of twenty-one, and intersted in the cinematic arts. After the family shop was taken, her and her family stayed in Odessa, where Ayn fell in love with American culture. Rand became very skilled at both mathematics and logic. “One of her teachers even encouraged her to pursue math as a career. But Ayn was not interested in the purely abstract; she was absorbed by the relationship between abstract ideas and human experience” (Suiabarra 518). In 1926, Rand arrived in the United States to stay with her family friends in Chicago. “Miss Rand has recalled that tears streamed down her eyes when, early in 1926, the ship that brought her to America entered New York harbor and she first saw the Manhattan skyline, which seemed to her ‘the symbol of achievement.’ ‘I saw it [America] then as the freest country in the world, the country of the individual” (“Rand,” Current). After spending a few months with her relatives in Chicago, Ayn moved to Hollywood and worked as an extra and wardrobe girl at RKO Pictures. In Hollywood she married Frank O’Connor, an actor

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