Awareness Of Public Health And The Prevention Of Various Diseases

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In today’s gizmo world and our day to day lives moving at high speeds, wealth is being given importance over health, which is neglected in the name of having no time for its maintenance. Having completed my undergraduate studies in the field of dentistry along with my four years of diversified experience in the health science field as a full-fledged practising dentist, I have come to realise that health is underestimated not by a few group of people but by a large population. I believe that there is requirement of awareness of maintenance of good health and the prevention of various diseases. Through the field of Public Health, I aim to alleviate pain associated with the diseases and most importantly, work towards its prevention. Since my high school years, I wanted to be a doctor in order to save peoples’ lives. But after my high school I ended up joining Dental School and worked towards improving patients’ oral health in turn improving their overall health. It was during my third year at dental school through the subject of Community Dentistry, I got interested to pursue Public Health. I practised as a Dentist for 4 years and treated numerous patients with severe oral health problems caused due to low socio-economic conditions, illiteracy, poverty, poor sanitation and malnutrition. I realized that rather than focusing on curing the pain and the…

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