Awareness Of Our Own Mental Process And Their Effect Essay

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Metacognitive awareness is basically described as knowing how oneself thinks. According to Broderick/Blewitt they explain it as thinking about and awareness of our own mental process and their effect. The first example of metacognitive awareness is the professor puts on a movie for the college students, she asks the students to take notes in their notebooks. In which they can note what they liked and didn 't like about the movie and why. After the movie is over they will discuss their thought and develop individual one and as a class. An example in counseling for metacognitive awareness. The counselor will have the clients review some of the last session taping. After reviewing the tape, the counselor and the client discuss their thoughts on it. The problems that arise in the video, what the client didn 't like or like about the session and why. You can improve memory by monitoring one owns memory and taking advantage of study time. Adolescent produce increasingly accurate depictions of what strategies and approaches are likely to enhance memory in given situation ( Schneigider & Presley 1997).
Cognitive strategies are different type of learning strategies ones can use in order to be a successful learner. A cognitive strategy is a mental process or procedure for accomplishing a particular cognitive goal. (Cognitive ,2015). The first example of cognitive strategies, I present to you is about Sarah. Sarah has the ideal that if she makes an A in English class, she can…

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