African American During The Civil War Essay

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As we all know the civil war is a very interesting period in the creation and establishing of the united states. The civil war occurred during the time period of April of 1861 until about 1865 of May that year. During this time slavery was a major issue facing in the north and the south with president Lincoln coming into office, and African Americans serving in the war was a major issue. During the civil war, there were two sides. The two sides were the union and the confederate. African Americans served on both sides. Many of the African Americans in the north that were free or either ran away were enlisted to fight. As for the confederate side, African Americans were still slaves and allowed the opportunity to reenlist but many did …show more content…
Around the year of 1863 of May, they union also recruited a man named “Nathanial Banks” to be the general. He ordered a plan that consisted of around 20 regiments, regiments that were split by infantry, artillery, cavalry, engineers and lastly local hospitals like in today’s army.
African Americans during the civil war received different treatment then Caucasians. First, as far as finances, African Americans received a three-dollar pay difference. African Americans were paid ten dollars a month verse Caucasians receiving thirteen-dollars a month. The three-dollar deduction was towards clothing as far as uniforms, but Caucasians didn’t have a deduction. Around the time of 1864, congress changed that policy to equal payment between the two eliminating the diversity of pay.
Secondly, if colored troops were captured by the confederates they received far more torture then troops that were Caucasians. The mistreatment and serve torture went too far. It went as far as the confederate congress issuing a threat towards union African Americans officers and enslave soldiers. In response to all of the occurrences, president Lincoln followed the threat by issuing out a following threat towards the confederates

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