Awareness Of A Girl Has Gone Through At Some Point Essay

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There are a great many stages when it comes to overall awareness of one’s gender: some of them are as simple as coming to terms with the fact that boys can pee standing up and girls can’t. However, most steps are a bit more nuanced than that brief moment of childhood realization that nearly every girl has gone through at some point. For me, the recognition of gender was a very gradual process—so gradual that, when I look back, I cannot discern a particular time or experience in which being female became more than just long hair, pregnancy and dresses. Seeing that I was in fact an Other just by virtue of being a girl was a subtle shift, as well, though realizing that some girls denied, embraced or even clung to this outsider status was an abrupt and distressing wake-up call that took place at lunch in my high school’s library, two years ago.
To provide some context for this incident, I feel the need to briefly summarize the aforementioned stages of awareness as I personally experienced them. When I was young, I had always rejected traditional gender expression. I considered myself a girl, but preferred pants to skirts, mud to makeup, dinosaurs to Barbie’s; not because I considered them masculine and therefore superior, but simply because that was what I liked. My dismissal of pink and all things remotely girly didn’t become an actively gendered thing until elementary school, when I started believing that being feminine was lame: to “throw like a girl” was to throw poorly,…

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