Awareness Is The Alpha And Omega Of Yoga Essay

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Awareness is the Alpha and Omega of Yoga(corrected)

In the last Chapter, i.e. the Introduction, the concept of ‘awareness’ was elaborated upon. A clear and precise distinction was drawn between awareness and consciousness – two terms which are generally used synonymously. In addition to the confusion between these two terms a further complication arises when a third term i.e. the ‘mind’ is synonymously used with ‘consciousness’. In Western philosophy, no clear-cut distinction is made between consciousness and mind. In fact, Sigmund Freud, made use of consciousness as an adjective of the mind when he popularized the conscious mind, the sub-conscious mind and the pre-conscious mind. Fortunately, in Indian Philosophy, the distinction
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In other words, Awareness is the A and Z or A to Z of Yoga i.e. Yoga begins with awareness and ends in awarenes. Awareness is the cornerstone of Yogic philosophy (Patanjali’s Yoga Darsana) and of all yogic practices. The entire focus in Yoga is on awareness. The goal of Yogic practices is the realization of Pure Awareness and every practice of Yoga aims at sharpening this …show more content…
Therefore, in the thesis it is the yoga of PYS i.e. the Ashtanga Yoga that is emphasized and Samhya philosophy as propounded by SK that is referred to. Yoga and Samkhya philosophies go together – they are complememtary to each other in that Samkhya provides the metaphysical / theoretical foundations for Yoga practices. While Samkhya is more intellectual, yoga is more practical. Together they make a complete system. That is why, often, Yoga is referred to as Samkhya-Yoga. Samkhya philosophy provides answers to the question ‘why?’ for yoga practices. Without understanding Samkhya, Yoga practices are impoverished. The PYS assumes basic understanding and familiarity with Samkhya philosophy. Samkhya is called as theoretical yoga and Yoga is referred to as practical Samkhya. Samkhya provides the vision and goal of life. Yoga practices go towards realizing the

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