What Is Relational Database Management System?

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4. The idea of Ford with the development of AutoXchange and Covisint was that they wanted to use technology to connect suppliers, businesses, manufacturers and other companies to a central point with enormous amount of information, prices of parts and materials, the processing of parts, price processing of materials etc. available, with the idea to cut cost and enhance productivity. With a technology system like AutoXchange it creates a large online marketplace with the most recent prices from multiple suppliers. None the less, technology - a system like AutoXchange, made it difficult for businesses to build their own private network with companies. Suppliers and companies dread the idea of transparent competition. Consumers were capable …show more content…
Real time data update and access to these data is critical for large numbers of Bisuness-2-Business processes. Old data could make transactions and business to fail. Databases need to handle all of these issues with ease.
The data size will increase dramatically daily if a system like AutoXchange and Covisint runs successfully. The problem is that the relational database management system finds it challenging to handle huge data volumes. The solution to the problem is that the relational database management system needs to add more central processing units as well as to add more memory to the database management system in order to handle the rapid growth in the increase of data size which is very expensive to maintain.
Also because of the huge size of AutoXchange with the thousands of transaction made on it daily, data recovery or corrupt data will be an potential issue, as well as the backup of such system is very important since there are no paper backup. With huge increase of data volumes brings other issues like: backup and recovery time frames, maintenance time frames, queries performance, increased CPU and memory requirements. The security of such databases is also of great concern, the firewalls, logins etc., to avoid corruption and fraud. Backup of such huge system is important as a lot of data is auditing data, which also cause a great performance load on the
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Thus the technology requirement for such a system is of great concern and very important as well as internet speed, database management, database administration plays a huge role in a system platform as AutoXchange and Covisint.
The database administrator need to constantly look at the rapidly increased size of the database. The correct backup system and facility needs to be in place as well as the constant update of technology to assist the daily data size and data entries.
5. The private marketplaces would be more attractive to these industry giants and suppliers because they can build a direct customer-supplier-buyer relationship. Because of the relationship built, it would give you the opportunity to negotiate prices because of the long term commitment between the parties. The buyers know the product satisfaction is of high quality as well as the prices asked by suppliers fit their

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