Citibank Essay

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Citibank are very well maintain in terms of its consumer division as a multinational financial services. It was known as the largest bank holding company in USA by assets, which then followed by Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase.
Social Factor
Citibank have 3777 branches locations in 36 countries globally and out of all their services, online service have successfully claiming of 15 million users (resources from Wikipedia). Based on the 2013 annual report, the Global Consumer Banking (GCB) was announced that Citibank have claim of serving 62 million clients in 36 countries, which comes from multinationals, government sectors, SME business and local corporations.
Citibank have a tremendous unique in their segmentation, which basically in
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With the online banking’s aim, they creates more convenience toward Citibank’s customer with easily access to view their account, make transactions and pay bills in accordance to their aims and goals, which are to offer services in any way, any time, any gateway and on any devices. Meanwhile Citicard was launched earlier to substitute the uses of passbook in order to make any transaction by their consumer and once the ATM was introduces, the consumer can use the Citicard for the uses of the ATM. During the time of when the World Wide Web (WWW) was created, Citibank were making their business for the longest-term commercial and financial residents for both uses of the internet and the WWW. Citibank invested millions of dollars in the infrastructure required to move and monitor cash balances …show more content…
Economic Factors
Citibank offer varieties of good products for their customers especially the corporate customers and they also secure business transaction from customer and as well trying to gain a loyal relationship with them. With a huge number of consumer base will give opportunity for Citibank with economies of scale.
With Citibank’s expertise, they gives a uniquely positioned of service to their customer’s global needs which resulting in setting Citibank separation from their competitors. Citibank also implement a surrounding mass strategy in emerging markets which can build broad customer base, diverse products and recruitments from local population.


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