Automatic Processing And Controlled Processing Essay

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Automatic Processing and Controlled Processing The cognitive processes that influence perception are influenced by the techniques and shortcuts that people create in order to efficiently perceive the social world with as much accuracy as possible. One of these processes is automatic processing that influences how people may implements previously learned and experienced material into their perception of situations in a quick and efficient manner (Bargh, 1989). On the other hand, controlled processing is slower and more effortful because it analyses the situation step-by-step. Social perception is highly relevant for situations where there is not much time or available effort to be used. Automatic processing implements various techniques that help create the ease and fastness when interpreting information; these are under the umbrella of heuristics and schemas (Gigerenzer, 1991).
Heuristics provide shortcuts so people do not have to relearn how to interpret other’s feelings, thoughts and actions, then learn how to behave appropriate. Rather, heuristics draws information automatically to assess the current situation. Representativeness heuristic, availability, and anchoring and adjustments were the first heuristics researched and thoroughly explained (Gigerenzer, 1991). Representativeness heuristics refers to the cognitive shortcut of judging a situation or person according to previously learned or experience situations or persons. Availability heuristic refers to…

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