Automatic Code Generation Essay

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1.1 Introduction to Automatic Code Generation
Software engineering is the one which consists of design, development, operation, and maintenance of software, and the study of these approaches; that is what the application of the engineering to the software. Modern day programs are much larger and complex. Further, maintainability of these programs is frequent. Unified Modelling Language (UML) which is a visual modelling language, used for the purpose of support of the modelling of different views of the software. That is the main reason why, it is widely used by the software practitioners. Even though UML is being widely popular among the software practitioners, its potential in helping the software development activities is not fully known.
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Coding of the software with respect to the designed component of the project is what happening in the current scenario, which may create the overhead in the development phase. Also this type of conversion of the design component to the corresponding code component is time and human resource consuming too. Consider the situation of software development there consists of the design and coding. Here the human resource will be divided among design and coding team, in which the coding will consume the larger amount of it. If the coding human resource can be reduced then explicitly the time consumption also gets reduced. So in order to achieve this the automatic code generation from design model diagrams is introduced. Thus the development phase is integrated with the design phase and coding for each of the application is …show more content…
The system will effectively use the combination of structural and behavior diagrams to generate nearly complete code. The system will properly include the business flow control of programs in final generated code. The idea is to use UML diagrams in the XMI format from already existing tool (netbeans’s plugins). First class diagram is used to generate skeleton of the program. Then behavior of the program will be described by the combination of UML activity and sequence diagram. From activity and sequence diagram overall flow of the program is generated. Each diagram will produce the code depend on abstraction level of diagram. The overall code from behavior diagrams will be placed in structural code generated from class

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