Autism Is A Complex Neurobehavioral Condition Essay

1283 Words Dec 8th, 2016 6 Pages
Autism is a complex neurobehavioral condition that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills combined with inflexible, repetitive behaviors( because it is such a wide based disability it is also called Autism spectrum disability also known as ASD. When it comes to people 's perception of the world or the stimuli that we come in touch with a person with autism is bound to see them differently. Each person experiences different perceptions than other people when it comes to the same stimuli, however, when you add a person with a disability into the mix perception seems to change all around. People with autism are creative and they see things differently than those without a disability. Perception refers to the process of taking in, organizing, and interpreting sensory data. There are many types of stimuli, a common stimulus would be pain and perception toward pain and other feelings. When it comes to perception I believe that top-down processing has a lot to do with perception, that perception may start with the brain this includes a person’s knowledge, experience, and expectation. A person needs to experience the world before he or she can truly have and understanding of the world or the perceptions of it. In theory, we perceive the world in a way that we have experienced past events. This theory makes sense because we are constantly learning from past experiences and applying our knowledge to new situations, but…

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