Essay On Authority In The Crucible

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Authority, Sovereignty, Control. At times, these words strike fear into the hearts of powerless and defenseless victims who can choose to either stand up and fight, or back down and surrender. Choosing to surrender proves itself quite popular in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. The Crucible begins with a group of girls dancing in the woods performing voodoo. To keep the blame off themselves, they accuse others in the community without restraint. Upon hearing the fraudulent accusations of the girls, the deceived leaders of Salem lash off inconceivable verdicts. In the end, many lives are stripped away due to the false testimonies and gullible hearts of the authority figures in Salem. In The Crucible, Miller points out the dangers of a radical and immoral authority. Miller initially examines the …show more content…
His words describing corruption and depravity reveal to the audience exactly why corruption and depravity should not exist in communities or anywhere else. Again and again, he drills one message into the hearts of his readers: evil cannot be conquered singlehandedly. Arthur Miller 's The Crucible provides a warning for the preceding message. The world must adhere to it and not allow evil to prevail against the government, the community, or the homes. To stop evil, people must rise as an entire body and attack it before it attacks them. Globally, national leaders should stand against evil and unite to refute it. Nationally, the government of America must lead the Americans towards morality instead of immorality. On a state level, the governor ought to apply rectitude into the state as a whole. Locally, community leaders have a responsibility to rise against deceitfulness and take a stand for truth. In the home, fathers and mothers need to lift up families of honesty and integrity. Individually, every human has to have a burden for righteousness beginning with the first name on the top left

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