Australia 's Leading Disability Support Services Essay

1234 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 null Page
House with No Steps is one Australia’s leading disability support services. They are dedicated to supporting their clients by giving them the choice, control and freedom to empower their own lives. House with No Steps encourages their clients to meet their potential and provide them with adequate support so that they can reach their goals (House with No Steps, 2015a).

House with No Steps provides a range of disability services fluctuating between infants to adults with disabilities. For adults some support services include: living and accommodation, community support, sports and recreation, job skills and employment, life skills and respite care (House with No Steps, 2015b). Within the living and accommodation support clients can be assisted with many aspects of their living and accommodation including supported group living, drop in support and emergency housing support. Within all of these options House with No Steps also helps their clients gain a range of independent living skills from managing their finances, adjusting to the change, to helping with shopping and meal preparation (House with No Steps, 2015c). House with No Steps encourages their clients to become a part of their community by joining community groups and sport and recreation teams and have the adequate resources to make these a reality (House with No Steps, 2015d). They also provide support to get their clients into the workforce, by helping them gain job skills through their program called Transition…

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