Essay about Australia 's Involvement During The Vietnam War

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Although in hindsight an argument can be made that Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War was unjustified and purely for self-preservation, the threat of communism in the later half of the twentieth century was an overwhelming concern. The Vietnam War was fundamentally different to earlier wars in which Australia had fought as the military tactic used by both sides, the nature of the media that was reporting and also the anti-war sentiment that resulted throughout the war were all significantly different to anything Australia had ever faced. The military tactics used by both sides was completely different to previous wars and the Vietnam War was also the first war fought by Australia that did not use traditional warfare, but rather a type of guerrilla combat. Continually, the nature of the media reporting on the war changed dramatically, with the war coming into people’s living rooms because of the increasing consumption of television in Australia. Similarly, the anti-war movements that swept Australia also made a fundamental difference to how the war was perceived and received in Australia compared to previous wars fought by soldiers, as well as the fact that returning veterans received a completely different welcome-home than others before them.
Throughout the conflict, over 60,000 Australians fought in Vietnam, and the support of the Australian army kept with the policy adopted by most western nations to stop the spread of communism through the domino theory.…

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