Australia On A Working Holiday Essay

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I. Background:
In relation to and on behalf of Fred Charms, a British citizen who has previously been in Australia on a Working Holiday (Class TZ) (subclass 417) visa, which was granted in the United Kingdom on 14 May 2009.

After working in regional Australia Fred had previously applied for a second subclass 417 visa which was refused due to not working in a specified occupation, Fred subsequently applied for Merits Review at the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) which was also unsuccessful.

Fred subsequently left Australia as a Lawful Non-citizen (LNC) on a Bridging visa A at the end of 2010 and returned back home to the UK.
Fred has also substantially complied with the conditions of his Working Holiday (Class TZ) (subclass 417) visa, as well as his Visitor (Class FA) subclass 600 visa.

Whilst Fred was living in the UK he met an Australian citizen by the name of Betty Blue a resident of Perth who was holidaying in the UK. Not long after meeting each other they started a relationship in February 2013, a decision was made that Fred should come to Australia to visit Betty after she returned to home to Perth.

On the 23rd of December 2014 Fred was granted a twelve month Visitor (Class FA) (subclass 600) visa with the discretionary condition 8503 imposed. Fred then arrived in Australia to see Betty on the 13th January 2015.

Even though there must have been residual concerns that resulted in the condition 8503 being placed on Fred’s Visitor subclass 600 visa, Fred was…

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