Essay Australia Is Classed As A Multicultural Society

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Australia is classed as a multicultural society consisting of people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. After World War Two there was an influx of Greek and Italian people settling in Australia. The end of the Vietnam War saw an increase in the population by displaced Vietnamese people. In recent times, displaced persons arriving and settling in Australia are from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and African nations including Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan. Each of these population groups brings their own cultural and linguistic attributes to Australia. Also included in the broad sense of Culturally and Linguistic Diverse communities are Indigenous peoples and those with a disability. Culture is the beliefs, values, knowledge and ideas pertaining to a group of people communicated through generations by traditions, language, institutions, art, rituals and objects such as deities. Linguistics in this instance is described as the context of language, its’ meaning and form. This essay explores an example of issues such as prejudice, discrimination and oppression, approaches and strategies that human services practitioners can encounter when working with culturally and linguistically diverse clients. Communications, including language and literacy, education and background or culture are the issues examined with appropriate approaches and strategies that human services practitioners could utilize to effectively work with culturally and linguistically diverse clients.…

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