Prejudice And Discrimination In Australia

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Prejudice and Discrimination Against the Australian Aboriginal
Prejudice and discrimination are terrible things that deeply affect people who are getting discriminated on. Prejudice has been a problem in many countries and is something that takes years to fix like it did in America. America is not obviously the only country that has dealt with racism. Australia has had major racism problems. The Australian Aborigine are people who have been heavily discriminated for thousands of years. The Aborigine are the natives of Australia and have lived there the longest. They have suffered racism for a long time now and gone through much suffering and unfairness. Robyn Davidson, the author of the book Tracks, witnessed some of the prejudice when
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James Cook, but the first colony was settled by Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788 and that is when the discrimination began (Aboriginal). Obviously the Europeans and Aborigine did not like each right away, starting off on the wrong foot (Aboriginal). The Europeans had a slighted view from when they came across the Aborigine (Aboriginal). They did not understand the Aborigine’s way of tribal life, living off the Earth. Since the Aborigine lived completely off the land and ocean, they could not lived without it (Aboriginal). The Europeans were annoyed by the Aborigine’s natural lives and were tired of them taking up their new colonies (Aboriginal). One thing the Europeans understood about the Aborigine was that they were very family oriented and if they were together, they could survive (Aboriginal). The Europeans used that against them and got rid of some Aboriginal clans in northern Sydney (Aboriginal). They sent the Dharug clan to western Australia and the Dharawal clan to southern Australia (Aboriginal). Soon the Aborigine had food issues (Aboriginal). The Europeans began to take all their food sources away (Aboriginal). They caught fish with huge nets, leaving none for the Aborigine and almost hunted kangaroos for sport also leaving none for the Aborigine (Aboriginal). The Europeans polluted the ocean and quickly eliminated many animals on the land (Aboriginal). Almost for every clan, starvation for the Aborigine people …show more content…
Even though there were thirty Aborigine camps in Alice Springs, there were only five water taps. Most of their food, they got from the dumpster which caused major malnutrition (Davidson). The Aborigine did not have much money obviously because they could not get decent jobs and then Davidson said the money they did have went to inexpensive wine because most of them were alcoholics. The camps were not clean and the town council always threatened to remove the camps because they wanted more tourists and they did not want to keep them away from the unclean camps (Davidson). The Aborigine who lived in Alice Springs experience major prejudice when they were in town and how every day was a struggle (Davidson). Robyn says in Tracks, “It is a daily experience for blacks in Alice Springs. It reinforces their worthlessness and self-hate. The constant frustration in not being able to change their lives, many of them give up hope, turns into alcoholics, because that, at least, provides some form of release from untenable situation, and finally, grants them oblivion.” Throughout the book, Davidson talks more about the awful situations the Aborigine were in the late 1970s and talks about the Aborigine people she met. Robyn Davidson felt for them and was kind to

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