Austin Wood Products Case Study Essay

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A Case Study on Austin Wood Products

A Case Study Presented to the Faculty of the Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business Decision Sciences and Innovation Department

De La Salle University - Manila

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course SUPPMAN K31

By Herrera, Lorenzo V. 11224738
Kehyeng, Charise Jessica T. 11144394
Larracas, Danielle Dominique G. 11134917
Lim, Ma. Anna Emanuelle N. 11107669 Zialcita, Raphael Paolo

Prof. Willy Cuason

September 16, 2014


Summary of Findings
Background Information
Problem Statement if there are any
Analysis of Alternatives
Detailed Recommendations
Answer to Case Questions

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It starts with purchasing raw materials and inventory from suppliers. After which, these inventories go through manufacturing which produces component parts. They are then assembled into finished goods. These finished goods are then kept in the warehouse prior to sale. When the customers ask for a certain product then they simply check in the warehouse if it is available. When customers ask for a customized product then they check if they have the materials or the ability to gather the materials from the supplier and then manufacture it.

AWP has a varied product line composed of doors, moldings, decorative hardware, and entry systems. And the product that the company offers that differentiates them from the rest is their ability to built custom-made doors (exclusively true in Austin). AWP also keeps an “anything for the customer” attitude where in they make sure that any door specifications that the customer asks will be delivered. Thus, they stock a number of items from hinges to locks, just in case the need arises. The company also invested on a molding machine and a staff who can expertly operate such in order to ensure that they will be able to manufacture any door design. The company’s purchases are composed of 87% lumber and the remaining 13% comes of with hinges, fasteners and other miscellaneous items.Another aspect that separates AWP from other manufacturers is that they install the glass with in the doors. All this contributes to

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