August Raintree By Beatrice Culleton Mosionier Essay

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The book, April Raintree, by Beatrice Culleton Mosionier, is a very touching story. It is based on two Métis girls who grew up in the foster system. One sister, April, had always struggled with finding her identity and meaning to her life, while her younger sister, Cheryl, never went through that struggle. She was proud of whom she was, and wanted other Métis people to be the same way. Cheryl was a very happy, positive person, filled with love and compassion for others. Cheryl never let a person’s opinion get the best of her, she always stood up for who she was, and was very proud of it. When she didn’t agree with what her teacher had to say about Indians in class one day, Cheryl stood her ground and argued with her teacher, saying: "If this is history, how come so many Indian tribes were wiped out? How come their food supplies were wiped out? Lies! Lies! Lies! Your history books don’t say how the white people destroyed the Indian way of life. That’s all you white people can do is teach a bunch of lies to cover your own tracks!” (p. 54)
Cheryl’s life was very meaningful, she had been a role model for lots of young women, had family and friends that she loved, and she was very positive and pushed herself to accomplish her goals. Having ones you love, friends and family, is a big part of having a meaningful life. Without having those relationships, a person can feel lost. April and Cheryl were very close when they were younger, they spent all of their time…

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