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This project has been carried out as a part of the curriculum of the Second Year Bachelor of Business Administration of St. Xaviers College Mapusa, Goa. The project research has been completed in Atul Ltd. At Atul, Gujarat from 14th May 2013 to 27th June 2013.
Project was mainly based on Comparison between Dyestuff industries present Scenario and future scope in India and China and in India at Atul ltd
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Small units (around 1000) that exist today still compete in the segments where price realization is lower and the competition severe. Large and organized players (around 50) are gearing up for global competitiveness leveraging technology, product innovation and brand building. Increased focus is being laid on environmental friendliness and at the same time the industry is ensuring greater customer focus through technical services and marketing capabilities, in order to face global competition.
Major players
Atul, Sudarshan Chemicals, Kiri Industries
Presently India, China, Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia are the main Producer for the Dyestuffs and Pigments. Manufacturers in Europe & USA have almost shifted the production base to these Asian Countries. Main reason for this is the low cost of production and ample manpower within Asian Country.

About Lalbhai Group:
Lalbhai group of industries was set up with the pioneering effort of the Lalbhai brothers in 1931, Arvind mills being the 1st company. With the best of technology and business acumen, Arvind has become a true Indian multinational, having chosen to invest strategically, where demand has been high and quality required has been superlative. Today, The Arvind Mills Limited is the flagship company of Rs.20 billion (US$ 500 million) Lalbhai Group.
Lalbhai group of companies today includes: * Textiles * Arvind Mills Ltd * Arvind intex Ltd * Arvind polycot Ltd *

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