Essay on Atomic Bombs On Hiroshima And Nagasaki

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Although the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki brought a quicker end to the war, they were not needed to force Japan to surrender.With the previous incendiary bombings of various Japanese cities the industrial capacity of the country was destroyed, and embargoes prevented Japan from receiving shipments it needed to supply the military and provide food for civilians. The United States had already defeated Japan; surrender was imminent with or without the dropping of the bombs. Instead of using the atomic bomb the United States could have demonstrated the power and destruction of the bomb on an island.

Before the United States dropped the atomic bombs on Japan, they had already used B-29 Superfortresses to bomb many Japanese cities using incendiary bombs. These bombs completely burned cities and destroyed all the buildings that were in the radius of the bombings. By using these incendiary bombs, the United States was able to cause the industrial capacity of the country to collapse, destroying the war capacity of the country. With the use of bombs, the US had killed 241,000 people, wounded 313,000, and destroyed 2.33 million homes (Arnold, Document B). Destroying the industrial capacity of Japan meant they would not be able to carry on a war of such a scale against the US (Arnold, Document B). Using incendiary bombs and the embargo were major reasons for Japanese surrender (Leahy, 122). Along with the incendiary bombings, Japan had been embargoed by the…

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