Essay about Athletes Who Had Experienced An Eating Disorder

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The world of sports places an emphasis on an athlete 's appearance. The typical athlete strives to appear lean and fit. Because of the added emphasis on the body and its appearance, studies have shown that an athlete has a higher risk of developing an eating disorder than that of other non-athletes. (Lawton 131) There was a research project done by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The project focused on the number of student athletes who had experienced an eating disorder in the previous two years. Of those students, ninety-three percent of the reported problems were found in women 's sports. The sports were, from most problems to least, cross country, gymnastics, swimming, and track and field events. The male sports with the highest number of reported athletes with eating disorders were wrestling and cross country. (Lawton 132) Another study of NCAA trainers found that ninety-one percent of them believed they had encountered an athlete with an eating disorder. (Athletes and Eating Disorders) There is a greater risk of developing an eating disorder associated with sports in which anaerobic activities predominate over aerobic activities. (Lawton 135) Eating disorders are most commonly found in sports such as ballet and other types of dance, figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, rowing, running, horse racing, and ski jumping. While these are the most widely known sports that are affect by eating disorders, even athletes that participate in…

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