Atheist And Theist Essay

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Conversation between an Atheist and a Theist
Preface: There are two guys at a restaurant, one who studies Christian apologetics, specifically in pressumptionalism, named Danny and his best friend, Michael, who is a University professor at Georgia Tech in engineering, who is an atheist.
Danny: So why do you not believe that an omnipotent God is logical reason, or that he is the creator of everything?
Michael: Well, let’s start with this idea/question that I learned about in a philosophy class. If God is all-powerful, can he make a rock so heavy that even he cannot lift it? Think about this for a moment, this easily shows that an all-powerful god cannot exist, because it should be able to solve any problem/situation it comes across!
Danny: First
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Danny: What about it? God could have created such a process to create us?
Michael: That doesn’t make sense, it goes against what the bible says, in which the heavens and the earth were created in seven days. Evolution takes millions of years, even up to billions of years (example of life coming to existence on earth), so that clearly interferes with what the bible says. So even though a God may exist, the bible may be incorrect, as clearly shown in this example.
Danny: First off, we have no clear definition of what a “day” in respect to God, a day could be eons of time, and simply said in “days” as an easier way for God to explain to Moses how the universe was created. So, God having unlimited power, could easily create and use the process of evolution to form life, as in to create “humans in his own image”. However, I believe that it was also possible that God could have created life through a completely different process, because I believe that evolution is
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IF the first assumption is wrong/flawed, then the rest of the procedure, carbon dating, is flawed. Secondly, if we assume that the earth first started with no Carbon-14 in the atmosphere, at most, it would only take that earth, naturally up to 30,000 years to reach an equilibrium in the atmosphere with this isotope so that Carbon-14 dating can be used. Additionally, even if the earth were billions of years old, and all the assumptions were correct, Carbon-14 is only valid to determining the age of fossils up to 800,000 years old, after that, it becomes inconsistent and unusable. As for the perfect conditions for chemicals to interact to create life, it seems quite almost like it was created to have the right condition. How could it be possible that the earth is in the right place, time, with the right composition and size, with the right solar system in the right part of the galaxy, with physical laws in the universe for life to be created? We haven’t found life yet, do you ever wonder

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