Essay on Asthma Affects The Respiratory System

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Asthma affects the respiratory system where there is limited airflow into the lungs. Which certain substances trigger an asthma attack, resulting the airways to respond by tightening the muscles(the bronchioles). The process is called bronchoconstriction. An asthma attack is quite frightening. One may cough and have difficulty of breathing or feel a shortness of breath. They may breathe out and a wheezing or whistling sound may be heard. With the attack, it may result in people feeling fatigued and disoriented, also can be life threatening. If you see someone who is having having an asthma attack and their skin begins to turn blue, you need to get them to the emergency room immediately. The reason is because their oxygen supply are drained.

A person can acquire asthma in many different factors. One of the factors is if the person have nasal allergies. Since the nose and the lower airways are part of the respiratory system, they can react the same way as the lungs do to allergens, irritants, and viruses. Another factor is if their parents have asthma. The chances of developing asthma increases significantly if asthma runs in the family. Doctors have been hard at work to identify which gene causes this, so far there is nothing to be done about the genetic risk. The most well known factor of acquiring asthma is if one were to be first or second hand smoking. Children who grow up around smokers are more likely to develop asthma than the children whose parent’s don’t smoke.…

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