Association Between Work Motivation And Job Satisfaction Of College Teachers

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Association between Work Motivation and Job Satisfaction of College Teachers is an article that was written in 2012 by Sarita Maharjan. In that article, the author publishes the findings of her study on the relationship between work satisfaction and the job satisfaction of teachers in Nepal. She begins by explaining the background of her study. Maharjan highlights numerous studies that have been conducted by different researchers about the topic. Basing on those past research studies, she asserts that work motivation and job satisfaction are essential in the lives of employees because they are the fundamental reason for working in life (Maharjan, 2012, p. 45). She also explains that although there have been many studies in the past that have examined the relationship between the two subjects; none of those studies have focused on employees working at educational institutions. Therefore, her study attempts to fulfill this lacking by investigating the association between work motivation and job satisfaction of college teachers in Nepal. The study sought to answer the question of whether there is any association between job satisfaction and work motivation among teachers. The thesis of the study was that colleges should motivate teachers for their job satisfaction in order to enhance the performance of the teaching institutions.
As aforementioned, the objective of Maharjan’s study was to evaluate the work motivation and the satisfaction of teachers with their…

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