Association Between Juvenile Onset Obesity And Severe Adult Obesity

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Assignment 9 Quantitative

The article that was chosen “Association between Juvenile Onset Obesity And Severe Adult Obesity in 73,532 Women” written by Ilonna J. Rimm and Alfred A. Rimm, PhD. Obesity among adult women is a known health issue in America. This study wanted to use a relation between juvenile obesity and severe adult obesity to deliver the rationale for juvenile weight control curriculums. The participants in this study were women from the TOPS Club (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). The introduction was very brief, but was written very clearly while giving the reader an understanding of why this topic was important and how to attack the battle against obesity amongst women. From the introduction it was evident that the researchers hypothesized that there is a very strong correlation between being obese/fat as a child and being obese as an adult. This study used good methods as how to gather the information by using women in TOPS Club. The obesity index was used to determine relative obesity. The obesity index allowed it possessed high correlation with weight and low concertation with height. Choosing women from the TOPS Club was a very appropriate for this study because of the questions that were asked in the survey involved familiarity regarding one being obese/fat. The Survey asked questions such as “ Were you considered a fat child?” questions of such can be answered precisely seeing that they are involved in a weight-loss program so they have a better chance

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