Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Essay

1912 Words Oct 8th, 2014 8 Pages
Right now, the government and many other systems are set up for traditional marriage between a man and a woman. There are many arguments say that gay marriage should not be legal, such as: ruining the sanctity of marriage, religion, harming children involved, and being a gateway for marriage to multiple partners, or animals. This is outrageous. I have always been taught that marriage is about love and I believe that anyone should be able to marry if they love each other. If two women or two men want to get married, this is something between them and no one else. The system is set up to be more conservative, and working towards gay marriage and their rights would be a great way to make the world a better place for everyone. Being apart of the social work field, it is it is our job to stand up for minorities and make sure that social injustices are reduced. I believe that medically assisted suicide should be supported in all states. As social workers, it is our job to try and improve a person’s life, to the best of our ability. It is also our job to create a person that can make healthy choices for his or herself. After this has been done, I think that every person should have the option to choose life or death when there are no other options. If a person has stage 4 cancer, with little time left, I think that they should have the option to control when they die, instead of the cancer controlling them. As a young child, I was always taught that you can do…

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