Assisted Suicide And Its Effects Essay

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Assisted suicide gives the right to any terminally ill patient to take the final stance of their lives while being assisted with the assistance of a trustworthy doctor, or a physician at hand. Patients who are ill, and are aware that the disease they have will take their lives, would be given the decision to leave on their own terms. This would give the patients the advantage of not suffering through the constant agonizing experience they are constantly undergoing. There are numerous of individuals with different opinions on this topic, however there are actual facts presented about assisted suicide. However, this is someone’s life that are dealing with, so it is important for this matter to not be taken lightly. No one wishes to suffer painfully in any way, knowing they are going to perish. It is that certain person own decision to say the final decision on their own life.
Brittany Maynard, 29, discovered that she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Realizing her options, and she didn’t have many, Maynard and her family moved to Oregon, which allowed assisted death. At first the doctors told her that at first thought she had several years to live, but after they conducted other studies, the doctors discovered that she only had six months to live (Slotnik). After learning this, she reached out to Compassion & Choices which is a “nation’s leading end-of-life choice advocacy organization”, that helps individuals who are terminally ill. Maynard was a strong believer of…

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