Future Of Child Psychology Essay

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Assignment # 1
Topic : Interpret the implication of child psychology. Analyze the future of child psychology and developmental psychology.

Submitted to: Miss Zara Haroon
Submitted by: Minahil Mazhar Hayat
Session: 2015 – 2019
Date: 8th September 2015

Kinnaird College for Women.

Definition of Child Psychology: The study of psychological aspects and application of psychological techniques to infants and children is widely known as child psychology.

Definition of Development:
Introduction and Explanation: Child psychology is the branch of psychology which is referred to the development of child. It analyzes the psychological expression that occurs from birth to puberty. A phenomenal number of changes occur during the infancy period
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Future in child Psychology is very vast and bright. One can serve in several ways after studying Child Psychology.
• After getting a specific degree in child psychology, A child psychologist can work in schools as advisors and care taker or problem solvers to look after and solve the different problems of different children.
• They can work in different Mental hospitals,
• Administration of psychological test can be done by them.
• They can conduct scientific research on the development of a child.
• They can work with different Health care teams at different health care organizations and NGOs
• Places like schools, research center, hospitals etc are best for them to work in.

Future of Developmental Psychology.
• One who has studied developmental psychology can easily investigate how language skills are acquired and how studying has a moral reasoning in the developmental stage of one’s life.
• They can evaluate children to determine if they have a developmental disability.
• They can help elderly individuals to remain independent.
• They can guide an individual better on different development stages of his life.
• They can work in schools, hospitals, NGOs etc to serve

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