Assignment #5: Rowe Program at Best Buy Essay

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ASSIGNMENT #5: ROWE PROGRAM AT BEST BUY Introduction Jody Thompson initiated the Result-Only Work Environment (ROWE) in the Best Buy Corporation. This action was instrumental in introducing the concept of culture Rx. Culture Rx offered a customized consultancy services as per the needs of the clients with ROWE as its core philosophy. Organizational culture depends upon the sharing of core values among the maximum numbers of employees in any organization. In Best Buy organizational culture, there was a minimum sharing of values among the employee members. A negative environment prevailing in the organizational premises inhibited the bonding among the employees.
This document analyses the culture at Best Buy. The approaches to
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The focus is on productivity and getting the job done. Non-exempt employees, by federal law, complete a time sheet of how many hours they worked to comply with overtime rules. Pushing workload onto another employee who comes into the office is not accepted.
ROWE focuses on productivity and results, so employees and managers will need to work together to address the goals and requirements of each job to take advantage of ROWE program. Employees will need to learn how to not work 24 hours. ROWE is not meant to increase your workload to the breaking point, but to provide a flexible opportunity to the truly efficient and productive workers to condense working into less time.
Organizational and Individual Resistance that ROWE Program Had to Overcome
Change involves moving from the known to the unknown. One damaging form of individual resistance is passive resistance by employees; a lack of participation in formulating change proposals and ultimately a lack of commitment to the proposals. Change opposes vested interests and violates certain rights or prerogatives that departments, teams and informal groups have established and accepted over time. This makes organizations create strong defenses against change (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011). The resistances that ROWE program had to overcome are:
(a) Individual Resistance
Perceptions: Perceptual defense is a perceptual error whereby people tend to perceive selectively those things that fit comfortably with their

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