Essay about Assignment 3 - Hersey's Sweet Mission

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Hershey’s Sweet Mission
Strayer University

Recommendation of Redesign of Hershey’s Performance Management System to Appeal to the Diverse Groups That It Employs Performance management systems assess employees’ performance while ensuring that these performance standards align with the goals and views of the company or organization (Aguinis, 2009). At Hershey, the main diversity stated in the case study was the diversity of age between workers which consisted of millennial workers, those in their 20s, and the baby boomer generation. The performance management is an ongoing effort of Human Resources to identify measure and develop the performance of values that Hershey promotes. Currently the markers for review are based upon
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As an elder member of the Hershey's Human Resource team I would feel that the company does an excellent job of embracing the set values in my role. Examples that lead me to believe that these values are important to the company would include the diverse training for different age groups, the established mentoring program and the company's commitment to have a positive impact on the world. Because Hershey's values my experience and desire to create a legacy I would feel appreciated and recognized as an important asset to the company. The mentoring program would provide me with a sense of accomplishment and value. While the training program for elder employees would provide me with a sense of understanding from the company that while I may not be up to date on technology I am capable of learning and I am a beneficial employee who has talent and skills to offer.
Description of Effects that Mentoring Could Have on Integrating Values into the Hershey Culture
According to a study that took place at the University of South Florida, the relationship between a mentor and an employee increases the mentor's perception of increased career success than those who were not a mentor in a program

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