Assignment 2: The Basic Components Of Education

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Main Argument: P1: The basic components of education are common core math, reading, arts and humanities. P2: Individuals taught arts and humanities improve their education. P3: Researchers found that students with a strong background in Arts and Humanities score higher in math and reading. C: Thus, common core math, and reading correlate with arts & humanities


P1: Most students lack the very literacy skills at the primary and secondary levels of school. In 2013, in both reading and math, only 31% of NYS students passed. (Berry, S, 2014) P2: Federal funding for testing literacy skills is limited. 76% of districts in Common Core State Standards (CCSS) states
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Officials for NYS education confirm though they have spent millions of dollars on training educators to better prepare students to score higher on proficiency scores, the scores were still low for both math and English. This means there are not sufficient funds for the Arts and Humanities as these funds are needed to support the hard work ahead to continue training our educators. Being that the literacy skills are lacking in America 's children, we can see that there is not enough funding to support the Arts and Humanities. Therefore, it is a better decision to allocate funding into the training of our …show more content…
It is certainly reasonable to want our children taught with the best strategy to achieve educations goals of preparing our children for the real world and ultimately successful life skills. It is proven that our children are still coming out of the educational institution unprepared. The question is whether we are really on track or not in preparing our students for not only college but life skills for living successful lives. The above content corresponds to the stated concerns of the opposing parties.

Consequently, the intentional focus of objection of the original argument will probably be premise 2. This particular objection warrants taking a deeper look at exactly how much funding is available. As well, determine whether there are other options of allocating the available funds so as to accomplish the goals of improving low core standard scores in math and English, as well as improving the ability of students to actually comprehend the skills versus just learning how to take a test to get correct

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