Assessment Of The Wechsler Intelligence Scale For Children

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Ryan’s cognitive abilities were assessed through the use of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V). The areas of cognitive processing ability measured include crystallized intelligence, short-term memory, visual-spatial processing, reasoning ability, and processing speed. The subtests measure different cognitive processing abilities, combining to form five index scores: Verbal Comprehension, Visual-Spatial, Fluid Reasoning, Working Memory and Processing Speed which all together make up the Full-Scale IQ score. Ryan obtained a score of 118 (88th percentile), which falls within the Above Average Range. Ryan’s indexes ranged from a composite score of 123 on the Fluid Reasoning Index (94th percentile) to a composite score of 98 …show more content…
The administration of the Bender-Gestalt II involves the Copy and Recall phases. Ryan was required to copy geometric drawings of increasing complexity. He was then asked to recreate as many drawing as he could from memory. Ryan earned a Copy Phase score of 133, which is classified in Very High range (98th percentile). Ryan focused on the task and used verbal strategies (e.g. counting the dots) while completing the drawings. He earned a Recall Phase score of 120, which is classified in the High range (90th percentile). Ryan persisted with the task and took his time to recall drawings. Ryan’s short-term visual memory skills are well developed for his …show more content…
The composite is made up of Adaptability, Social Skills, Leadership, Study Skills and Functional Communication scales. For these scales, a Clinically Significant score is 30 or below, in addition, at-risk scores Range from 31-40. Ryan’s Adaptive Skills Composite fell within the Average range.

Two of the scales fell within the Average range on this composite. The Adaptability scale measures his ability to adjust to changes and recover from negative events quickly. Mrs. Eivers reported that Ryan adapts well in situations and has no problems with new transitions. On the Functional Communication scale, Mrs. Eivers items indicated that Ryan is able to communicate clearly, and can describe his feelings accurately. On the Study Skills scale, Mrs. Eivers indicated that he completes all homework assignments and displays good study habits; however, Ryan is not well organized.

Lastly, on the Social Skills and Leadership scales, Ryan’s behavior was rated within the At-Risk range. Her items indicated that Ryan can “sometimes” show prosocial behaviors such as complimenting others or making suggestions for improvements, providing compliments to others, and showing interest in other’s ideas. The Leadership scale indicated that Ryan is not often chosen as a leader in class. However, he is creative and gives good suggestions for

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