Assessment: My Reflection

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Assessment: My Reflection I’ve always hated being assessed. Even when I was a young kid I thought it was weird to be compared to another person, standard, or a perception of where I should be. Up until my high school career I hated the idea of grades, but then I started self-evaluating why that was? I started noticing that the classes that I performed the best in were classes that usually didn’t assess my creativity. Whenever I saw a box that said something along the lines of “Creativity 20 points” a lot of my mind just shut down. I started to realize that most assignments that I tried to be the most creative in where shut down by teachers because they were so “far out” when I was a k-4th grader that by the time I was in high school I just …show more content…
The jump of my grades from sophomore year of high school to my junior year was astronomical because I started realizing what assessment was actually supposed to be used for. It is so the teacher knows if you have obtained the information that he/she has given to you. As a student, I started trying to meet guidelines rather than do things that my teacher has never seen before, and I began to strive for the standard. I believe, right now at least, that without standards and assessment we would be a lot more creative, but it’s also a two sided coin. If we didn’t give standards teachers wouldn’t know what to teach and no one would know if the students understood the content that they needed to move on. That is why assessment is key, in my view. There is one last thing though, I feel that I am able to be more creative in college then I ever could have been in high school, and there is more guidelines and assessment in the college atmosphere then there was in high school. I think the more guidelines that you set for students, the more students have some freedom. When they know they have to meet ABCDE and F requirements, they can add more things on to it to be more

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