Assessing Cultural Values and Beliefs Essay example

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The “Heritage Assessment Tool” is a guide to help determine cultural, ethnic, and religious heritage. It may be used to assess your own cultural values or the cultural values of other ethno cultural backgrounds. Using this tool will guide the user into making non-stereotyped assumptions about the heritage of a patient. The Heritage Assessment Tool allows the interviewer to gather a deeper understanding of the traditions that make up the health background of certain individuals or groups. Three families including the authors own, will be evaluated for differences in health traditions. Health maintenance, protection and restoration will be addressed as well as, identifying common health traditions based on the authors own cultural …show more content…
Usually the sick are required to eat warm boiled chicken and rice. They typically drink warm or hot water. Post-partum mothers only eat warm foods within the thirty days after childbirth. The shaman performs healing rituals usually in the home and sometimes in the hospital.
The second individual interviewed is of Pakistan descent and was raised in India. Results from the Heritage Assessment Tool showed a greater number of positive responses. This person immigrated to the United States at the age of twenty-four and combines both western and holistic forms of health maintenance. His traditions mix both medicine and religion and uses yoga as a form of preservation. The Indian system of medicine uses Ayurveda, which means the “Knowledge of Life”. Ayurveda’s medicine is holistic with a strong emphasis on prevention. More than eighty per cent of people in India rely on herbal remedies as the principal means of preventing, and curing illness (Bhungalia, Kelly, Van De Keift, & Young, n.d.). The individual interviewed is a vegetarian. There is zero tolerance for any utensil used with the preparation of meat. Most Indian’s eat with their fingers and with their right hand. Over-eating is highly discouraged. Preference for cool food during pregnancy include, fruits, vegetables, and milk. After the birth of a child, foods that are prepared warm give the mother energy after the labors of childbirth. Restorative factors include prayer and meditation.
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